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Recognition Express Las Vegas:
6290 Harrison Drive, Suite #7.
Las Vegas, NV 89120
Phone: 702-798-0800
Fax: 702-798-5054
Toll-free Phone: 800-457-7030

Recognition Express Information: [email protected]

RECOGNITION "Express-1 Plan"

The RECOGNITION "Express-1 Plan" offers an innovative solution to your name badge ordering needs. The days of high prices, filling out order forms and long waits are over! With the RECOGNITION "Express-1 Plan", you save time, paper work, and money through our easy online ordering program. Recognition Express is the ONLY approved name badge vendor for EVERY franchised real estate brand in the nation, but whether your company is national, regional, or local, the RECOGNITION "Express-1 Plan" is customized to meet your needs!

Volume Purchasing That Makes Sense

The RECOGNITION "Express-1 Plan" allows your business to purchase a quantity of 25 name badges (or any product) or more at a discounted price, prepaid in advance. Draw from them as needed. Your badge inventory will be held at our Recognition Express manufacturing facility, ready to be personalized. Best of all, orders are guaranteed to ship within 48 hours and badges never expire! Take as long to use them as you like. Ask your Recognition Express representative about these great prepaid volume discounts.

Online Ordering Through Your Custom Web Portal

When you register for the RECOGNITION "Express-1 Plan", Recognition Express will provide your company with a customized online catalog that allows you to place your order whenever you choose. In addition to an online ordering system, your custom catalog will also provide an account ID and two passwords, one for the account administrator, and one for employees authorized to order name badges. The designated account administrator will have access to our exclusive tracking program that allows the administrator to review an order history report, as well as remaining inventory levels. The administrator will also be able to change account passwords. Your catalog will also have the capability to save up to 6 different badge products for fast and easy ordering. Control your brand identity! Just point, click and save! In addition to all of the great features already mentioned, the RECOGNITION "Express-1 Plan" will also alert you when your inventory has been depleted to a quantity of 10% of the original order or a quantity of 5, whichever is greater. You will always know exactly when it is time to replenish your supply of name badges.

Guaranteed Response / Guaranteed Quality

Recognition Express is committed to serving your name badge needs with the utmost urgency. We know how important your brand identity is and we guarantee that we will process your order immediately, and it will be shipped within 48 business hours of receipt...or we pay the shipping!

Another great feature is that we promise your name badges will maintain their luster for at least 3 months! Thanks to our revolutionary "Doming Process" used by Recognition Express, your badges will be scratch resistant, not fade or chip, or we'll replace it for free!*

The RECOGNITION "Express-1 Plan" is perfect for any business, large or small, so register today and save the time and energy spent on ordering name badges the old fashioned way. Get guaranteed service, guaranteed products, and guaranteed satisfaction, all reducing cost! Your satisfaction is our number one goal, because at Recognition Express, " We Will Do Whatever It Takes" to ensure you get the recognition you deserve! Don't be fooled by imitators, get the recognition you deserve at Recognition Express!

RECOGNITION "Express-1 Plan" Online Demo:

We have prepared a demonstration site for you to see just how easy it is to order from your RECOGNITION "Express-1 Plan" account.

Click Here To Try The RECOGNITION "Express-1 Plan" Demo

For more information about starting your RECOGNITION "Express-1 Plan" account:

Recognition Express Information:
Phone: 702-798-0800
Fax: 702-798-5054
Toll-free Phone: 800-457-7030
Email: [email protected]
* This guarantee is for normal wear and tear only. We do not guarantee against leaving your badge in the sun on the dash board of a car, running through the washing machine, being run over by a car (this has happened), or any other act that we perceive not to be normal wear and tear.
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